Looking for the perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, thank yous, or just to be friendly? These waterproof ceramic tile photo coasters have a smooth glass-like top and are finished with a cork bottom to protect whatever table or surface you use them on. A set of these will look great on any table! Available individually or in sets, these coasters are a crowd favorite.

Top sellers include the Milwaukee Flag logo, Pabst sunset, various Milwaukee Art Museum Calatrava images, or the illustrated Milwaukee skyline heart. You can also choose from any image(s) on this site!

$8 each. Large orders for wedding gifts or other occasions are available upon request.

To purchase please email me! eggebrecht.john@gmail.com

Coasters measure ~4.25" x 4.25". Many in stock and ready for purchase. Those not in stock have a 14-day production time.

Coaster Samples

Untitled photo
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